Bloggers gonna blog

Bloggers gonna blog

As someone who’s been publishing on the web, in one form or another, since 1996, I’ve always had some form of digital platform to write and share ideas: GeoCities, Blogger (pre-Google), custom FrontPage-designed sites (don’t laugh), custom Dreamweaver-coded sites, email newsletters, Posterous, Tumblr, WordPress, and about a dozen others. I’ve even experimented with an SMS-exclusive newsletter that sent summarized articles via text message, and a call-in telephone “hotline” that provided a recorded rundown of stories. In the years since ’96, I had never gone more than 2 months without some form of digital platform.

I took a much longer break than 2 months, since retiring Partly, because I was going through my own transitions—personally & professionally—which required me to focus more on self-development (and self-reflection), and partly because in the age of social media and microblogging, tools like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr help satisfy the temporary itch of public expression (this can be a little too effective for some people).

Still. I knew I eventually wanted to write/blog/publish again; once I was ready. I’ve gone back-and-forth with the idea of launching another niche site, but would usually scrap the idea after a week or two. I couldn’t settle on a particular niche that captivated me enough to blog consistently, and could never fully settle on an approach to organize all the topics I want to discuss.

Also [a.k.a the real reason], I was unsure if I could write about anything other than the music business.

I mean, I knew I could, and I knew I wanted to, but would I be able to articulate my thoughts the same way I can about the music business? Would anybody even care what I had to say if it involved anything other than how hit music producers and artists crafted their platinum careers?

I wanted to test the waters a little, so for the past while I’ve written some articles and published them as a contributor to different websites under a nom de plume. I’ve written about productivity, technology, minimalism, Buddhism, social media, branding, and health & wellness. At one point, I even wrote about politics when asked, but as I learned, something is only worth writing about if you are genuinely interested or passionate about it. For me, anyways.

After completing my round of content experimentation, I’ve decided to just stop overthinking it, and just do it.

Have I finally figured out an approach to organize all the topics I want to discuss? Not even close, but that’s okay.

We live in different times from when the Industrial Revolution demanded that we have a highly specific skill set. We live in the Information Age, where an entire world of information is available at the tap of a touchscreen button. You can learn about anything that catches your interest.

You are a dynamic person; your skill set spans multiple disciplines, and your interests are widely spread out across the board. You can’t be pigeonholed into a single category. Neither can I, and as an extension of me, I don’t want this website to, either.

While the topics I discuss here may vary, they are joined together by the idea that the world is changing, and it is up to all of us to help each other understand the change, and help guide it for the better.